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Strategic Financial Representation For Business Development & Transitions. 

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Business Management Consulting

Winning Hand Corp is a trusted and established firm with more than 40 years’ experience in business and financial representation.

Led with authenticity, passion, and a clear focus on results, we understand that getting to know the intricate workings of our client’s businesses and people is the best way to provide leading management consultancy services across the five-state region.

Business Lectures

The success of your business can be significantly impacted when you have a consistently motivated and skilled team.  We provide lectures for every area of operation, including strategic planning and execution.

Business Brokerage

Work with Hedin Daubenspeck the expert that understands exactly what it takes to sell a business in the modern day era.  You don’t have to face the challenges of selling or purchasing a business alone. Winning Hand Corp can help you.

Business Consulting

From operational consulting to financial consulting, Hedin Daubenspeck at Winning Hand can help you navigate every challenge that your business is facing. Our exceptional consulting service can help your team grow and succeed.

About Hedin Daubenspeck

Hedin Daubenspeck Winning Hand Corp

Hedin Daubenspeck is president of the corporation. He is a Certified Public Accountant in private practice with 40 years of financial representation experience.

Hedin has spent decades representing business owners during the sale of their business and achieving their full value.

He provides an experienced voice for business with in-depth consulting services that helps business owners navigate every stage of growth, including the transfer of ownership.

Whatever goals you have for your business, Hedin leads a team that is committeed to helping you achieve those goals and making sure that your business provides the maximum benefit and value for you.

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Hedin Daubenspeck Winning Hand Corp
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Our Vision

Our range of management consultancy services can be tailored to your business’ needs, whether that be boardroom and strategic advisory services, the improvement of business management or services that focus on the results or development of the HR function in a business.

At Winning Hand Corp, we work with manufacturers, distributors, and contractors to help identify opportunities and challenges for the development and growth of their business.

Why Choose Us For Business Brokerage Services?

  • Experienced and trusted company
  • Comprehensive range of business management consultancy services
  • Growth and results-focused approach
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Authentic team of professionals

Whether your end-goal is to sell your business, grow your business, or improve to outpace your competition and cement yourself as a leader in your industry, we have the people, the systems, and the strategies needed to help you realize your objectives.

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Management Consulting That Delivers Transformational Results

At Winning Hand Corp, our business management consultants deliver actionable solutions to real business issues, with the ability to transform the way your organization works, and ultimately give you the results you want for your business.

Regardless of whether you face challenges with technology, people, finances, or information, our management consultants will tailor their solutions to fit and harness their expertise and experience to do this.

With the right leadership and direction, organizations and their people are productive, workflows can be automated, processes are streamlined, cost-savings are realized, and innovation through technology is adopted to lead your business into the future in its strongest position.

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