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Experienced and Trustworthy Financial Representation

It’s normal for a company to have an accountant, bookkeeper, or accounting service. It’s
often the case, the company does not have a Treasurer, Controller, or Chief Financial Officer.

As a management consultant, we can partially perform these roles for your company.

Winning Hand Corp. can contribute to your success by contributing knowledge for planning, decision-making, and profitability analysis.

We accomplish this by reviewing books and records, interviewing management, and breaking down forecasts and budgets. 

If your business is facing a new challenge or a new chapter, you need experienced and trustworthy financial representation to help you navigate challenges along the way to your ultimate business success.

Manufacturing financial representation

Cash flow has become critical in daily management.

Your marketing and sales efforts may need a new approach. Digital services, website, and social media have overtaken traditional advertising and marketing.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your business succeed.

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Our mission

Providing Exceptional Financial Representation, Business Consulting, and Leadership Training:

  • Optimal financial representation for those selling a business or purchasing a business.
  • Interactive lectures and online seminars that address paramount issues in the business community.
  • Corporate consulting services to help you make it through any storm.
  • An experienced voice of guidance for the industries of manufacturing, distribution, and construction.
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