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Whether your goal is to educate and inform or motivate and engage, Winning Hand Corp. can tailor our discussion to meet your objectives. Drawing from more than 40 years of experience, we can speak to a variety of relevant topics. If you are looking for seminars related to operations, human resources or strategic planning and execution, we have the resources to help you excel.

We seamlessly integrate with your team to understand the challenges you face and work toward a solution. Our consultants offer an outside perspective that can give you fresh insight. Winning Hand Corp. business lectures and seminars offer timely content to help you break through barriers and take your business to the next level.

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  • Experienced Speakers & Engaging Presentations
  • Topics that Matter to You & Your Business
  • Valuable Insight & Perspective from Industry Experts
  • Lectures that Emphasize Growth & Improvement

How do I start a business?

Hedin Daubenspeck Winning Hand Corp

From Hedin Daubenspeck
President of Winning Hand Corp.

Hedin is a trusted advisor to industry leaders in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Construction
Our business lectures and seminars can help your leaders learn more about themselves so they can lead effectively. We leverage our many years of industry experience to help guide and shape your team. When your team has the right tools and information, they can drive growth and improvement for your organization.
Hedin Daubenspeck Winning Hand Corp

Whether you’d like to hire a professional business lecturer to conduct a single presentation or a series of lectures to your staff or senior management, we can create the perfect package for your individual business needs, on virtually any topic of your choosing.

We offer remote and online lectures, so regardless of whether your team is at the office or dispersed around the country, our expert business lecturers can help you deliver valuable training, insights, and key communications to your team.